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Why's it going to be the hottest party of the summer?

We have now rebranded to the hottest party of the spring. Since the humidity is less intense in May compared to June, we expect you to really bring the heat on the dance floor to make up for it. 

Average high temperatures for the third weekend in May are between 70F - 80F, evening temps can be in the high 50s-60s.

What are the COVID precautions at the event?

Outdoors only

All wedding events will be hosted outside. There is ample space at both Peaceful Lane Farm and Camp Miller, so guests will have plenty of room to stay as physically distanced as desired throughout the entire weekend. 

Wrist bands 

Upon arrival at the event, guests will be offered color-coded wrist bands to indicate their personal level of comfort in social interactions. For example, a green wrist band may indicate that you are comfortable interacting closely with others, yellow may indicate that you are comfortable interacting at less than six feet with masks, red may indicate that you prefer to stay six feet away from other guests at all times. These categories may shift as we get closer to the date, taking into consideration developing CDC guidelines. 

Vaccination status

Based on our survey results, we anticipate the majority of guests will be fully vaccinated by May 15th. After the official RSVPs are in, we will communicate to everyone the percentage of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated guests.



All vendors will be masked and be following state-mandated COVID protocols. 

What happened to the reservation I made last year for a hotel or glamping tent?

If last year you made a hotel reservation under one of our room blocks or reserved a glamping tent, your reservation has automically been rolled over to to the weekend of May 15th, 2021. If you are no longer attending, you will need to cancel your reservation directly with the hotel or Stout Tents.  

Will there be grass?

Yes, you can expect to be on grass for the ceremony and cocktail hour, so please be aware if you are planning to wear heels! 

Speaking of shoes, what should I wear?

The most important thing to us is that you wear whatever you feel most comfortable wearing. Friday night will be very casual: shorts and flip flops welcome! Saturday night will be more dressed up/cocktail attire, with folks in dresses, jumpsuits, light suits, maybe even some seersucker. Ties optional. 

Is there transportation provided to and from the wedding?

Yes, shuttles will be provided from the Proximity Hotel and Hyatt Place Downtown Greensboro for both the Friday night Welcome Party and Saturday Ceremony/Reception. Details will be added soon. 

What about kids? 

While we love your little ones, the wedding ceremony and reception will be adults only. If you are traveling in from out of town and want to enjoy the weekend with your family, we would like to help you find a babysitter for Saturday evening.  If once May comes around you happen to have a new baby (congratulations!), we of course understand that your infant will be there for the ceremony/reception. Otherwise, we hope that parents take this opportunity for a Saturday night out or weekend away!

If I'm planning to stay in a glamping tent, what do I need to know?

We'd love to have you stay onsite in a glamping tent and we hope to make that as easy as possible. Each glamping tent will have real mattress(es), sheets, towel sets, a lantern, mirror, and chairs. You will have access to bathrooms, showers, and places to charge electronics. In addition to the wedding meals, we will also provide breakfast and lunch on Saturday as well as breakfast on Sunday for campers. There will be one air conditioned cabin onsite that all glampers will have access to throughout the weekend, as well as a pool house. 

What about showers?

There will be seven showers available to campers throughout the weekend. There are two bunk cabins, with three showers each. The showers are side-by-side, but private with walls on either side and a shower curtain as a door. In each bunk cabin there are two flush toilets and two sinks, as well as multiple outlets. The pool house has one additional full bathroom, including shower, toilet and sink. Towels are provided with each tent. Shampoo, conditioner, and soap will be provided. We will also have fancy porta potties present for the entire weekend.

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